a New LOSERS poster and Trailer is out

Zoe, oh my dear Zoe. How i LOVE you, my dear... OH! didn't see you standing there (awkward)...
um, yeah so here's a fresh new poster and trailer for The Losers, the eminent new dubbayoubee flick that's adapting the hella tight DC/Vertigo spy-fi series about a rogue covert ops crew gunning for revenge against Max, the backstabbing government suit who tried to take them out.

Did I mention Zoe Saldana's in it? Yeah, well she is. Where was I?
Right, so the comic by Andy Diggle and Jock was really dope, and strikes me as an easy transition to screen candy, so I'm excited by each bit of new business they roll out. I would be slacking on my responsibilities if I failed to invite newbies to cop the the series, which is available in 5 easy-on-the-eyes paperback volumes at a local comic shop, bookstore, or on Amazon.com. To get started with volumes 1&2 of The Losers for under 14 bucks, click here. As for the movie, you can join me and Zoe on April 23rd.
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Arkonbey said...

I notice that, unlike the comic cover, none of the weapons are pointed directly at the viewer.


B_Steelo said...

They did that for the kids.

Stay in school, kids.

samax said...

yeah, I think the comic cover is better, except for the worm's eye view of Zoe... Still, gotta give the advantage to the comic cover.

Jock- 1

Zoe- 0

Jock Wins.
on to round 2...

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