Cullen's Big Score?

Herman Heed pg 7 by Samax Amen
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I'm chugging along on Herman Heed, and it looks like Cullen has his heart set on that $500... who's gonna find Steve the Sasquatch first? And will they be HAPPY about what they find?
Hmmm... stay tuned...
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Arkonbey said...

I love the mix of dreams that boy has.

Again, as far as style and narrative ability go, it's awesome as usual.

The only thing that jumps out to me is that the fear-tinged view of the bigfoot is not as scary as it could be. Perhaps making it a caricature of a scary bigfoot would work. When we anticipate something, things tend to jump out (such as in mountain biking, the two-foot dropoff can seem like Hillary's Step).

However, perhaps the character is so analytic that his fears are totally grounded in fact that even his fears are non-idealized.

Whew. Lots of artspeak there...

Samax said...

artspeak is fine, taken in moderation. It's not like when I was in art school and had to hear it everyday all day!

I have been instructed by the client not to make things TOO scary, since this is for little kids. my last book for them was a ghost story for teenagers, and I was warned then that my work was getting too scary! lol!

I try to introduce the idea of scary, not draw something that's actually scary. not that easy to do, actually...

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