cause he SHINE like one...

Jupiter's Orchid by Blackstar Shabach.
Just wanted to draw a little attention to that dude Stacey Robinson aka Blackstar Shabach (Abraham The Young Lion, Daft). Son let it out that he's working on a new sketchbook, so get familiar! I know the piece above will be in it, but beyond that, I'm not sure what will be featured, or when it will come out. stay tuned... Like a lot of artists, I think Stacey gets caught in between what he thinks he should do, and what he wants to do. I showed these pieces because they seem to represent him just drawing what he wants to draw and show a degree of comfort and confidence that is inspiring. Blackstar shares my passion for drawing black women in every conceivable context, and like me, I think the work is strongest when he doesn't edit himself, but just goes with what the muse is giving him, so to speak.
Of course this can be especially frustrating for fans of his comics, who want what they want when they want it. As one of those fans, what I will say to other fans is that we should cut this dude a little slack. He's the kind of artist that I think thrives with room to move. But then, nothing motivates like money, so click here to buy some of his comics on Indyplanet, and I'll let you know when the sketchbook and other stuff of his is ready! (peep more blog posts here)

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