peep Bachalo's Wu-Tang cover pencils!

For those keeping score at home, Wu-Massacre -the new collabo joint from Method Man, Raekwon, and Ghostface- is dropping on Tuesday. Def Jam (who, according to Meth, rushed the album to get it out as quickly as possible) is working hard to try and keep the buzz going until the record drops. They are smartly pimping the gorgeous cover art from Chris Bachalo (Captain Stoneheart and the Truth Fairy, Witching Hour, X-Men: Assault on Weapon Plus) for all it's worth...

for example, They will have three different 'variant' covers, on some 1991 Marvel comics isht, plus Bachalo's pencil art will be included in 100 random copies of the record. in case you're not lucky enough to get it, just click the pic to snag a copy of your very own! I wonder what's next... method man trading cards with the vinyl? whatever they do, I hope it sells some extra records for them, so more artists will get quality gigs out of it. Like I said on the piece about EMEK (who's doing mad work for Erykah Badu), I'm encouraged to see more illustrators getting this kinda work!
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BONUS! peep the video Our Dreams


Qwerty Bonus said...

I find the sketch of Ghost with his mask on his lap better than with what they went. But I'm guessing I'm alone in this. Still really cool to see the sketches and the slight differences in the final versions.


Samax said...

nah, I felt the same way. I'm loving the Bachalo art so much! glad the pencils are seeing daylight!

Art Love said...

I can't get over these. Love 'em. I really think the whole team was amazing (unless CB did it all). Because the inks, colors and letters are just as accomplished as those pencils.

Samax said...

the art direction and graphic design was by Alex Haldi, but i bet 'chalo did the colors himself.

Samax said...

just found out Tim Townsend smashed the inks.

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